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Are you a radically committed follower of Jesus who wants to be equipped to fulfill your destiny in God?

FIRE Bible Institute is a two-year leadership training institute with specific, progressive programs designed to provide the maximum benefits to our student.


During the first year at FBI, students will take three trimesters per year of 12 weeks each of classes. They will be exposed to multiple settings that will assist in their leadership development including but not limited to the following dynamics:

  • fire school logo flame  Grow deep, deep roots into God’s awesome love for you.
    fire school logo flame  Enter into a more intimate and mature walk with God.
    fire school logo flame  Know the Word on a more advanced level.
    fire school logo flame  Experience authentic, enduring relationships.
    fire school logo flame  Receive practical tools to live and minister through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.
    fire school logo flame  Be empowered to live a radical, holy life.
    fire school logo flame  Build solid confidence in your identity as God’s child and a new creation.
    fire school logo flame  Feel greater release into your calling and destiny.
    fire school logo flame  Cultivate a radical prayer life.

After completion of the first year, students earn a Certificate in Practical Ministry degree.


Students who enroll in our second year program participate in an internship. The internship program is an opportunity for students to acquire supervised practical ministry experience and, at the same time, to make a valuable contribution by serving in a ministry context.  Interns will be connected with organizations or entities that have goals and values consistent with those of FIRE Bible Institute.

FBI Students are able to specialize in the following areas during their tenure:

  • fire school logo flame Biblical Studies
    fire school logo flameWorship/Music
    fire school logo flameMissions
    fire school logo flameLeadership
    fire school logo flame5-Fold Ministry

Fire Bible Institute Distinctives

fire school logo flameBiblical Studies/Academics – We promote and encourage a strong academic culture that assists in developing students  theologically, mentally and doctrinally.

fire school logo flameMentoring – We deliberately focus on the personal mentoring of every student here at FSM. Each student is placed in small group settings with seasoned leaders who they spend time with on a weekly basis in order that through relationship, effective mentoring can and will occur.

fire school logo flamePractical Ministry Experience – Every student is involved in actual ministry settings during their tenure at FBI. From outreach evangelism, to travel teams, to domestic and international mission’s trips, to children’s/youth ministry, to the house of prayer, etc., all students will experience multiple opportunities to engage in various ministry settings as their giftings are developed.


Evening classes meet from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays.

Chapel services on Monday Evening 5:00 p.m.

In addition to the class sessions, students are also required to participate in outside ministry. Specific times will vary for each ministry.