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FIRE students should possess a commitment to excellence in every area of life, possessing a level of maturity that enables God to entrust them with the calling to which He has appointed them. Each FIRE student is expected to commit to pursue a standard of excellence by doing the following:

    fire school logo flameDaily spend time in God’s presence through prayer, the Word of God, worship, and devotion.

   fire school logo flamePursue academic excellence and integrity.

   fire school logo flameCultivate positive social relationships.

   fire school logo flameAct in ways that promote peace and edify the body of Christ.

   fire school logo flameExercise good campus citizenship and stewardship.

   fire school logo flameRespect the rights and property of others.

   fire school logo flameConduct oneself in moral, ethical, and spiritual purity according to God’s Word.

  fire school logo flameAbide by established campus standards, including dress code and attendance policies, and help others to abide by these same standards.