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BT101 Old Testament Survey (3 credits)
This course will familiarize the students with each book of the Old Testament (OT), with special attention to: (1) key themes of each book, especially as they relate to Israel’s biblical history and to God’s overall salvation plan; (2) important people and events, and how they further the overall purposes of God; (3) unique features of each book, including background information and key Scriptures; (4) recognizing patterns of how God deals with His people, and how that relates to a modern community of radical believers promoting as Jesus revolution in an atmosphere of revival.

BT102 New Testament Survey (3 credits)
This course will familiarize the students with each book of the New Testament (NT), covering the background information and content of the books within their historical context as provided by the Book of Acts.

BT103 Doctrinal Foundations (2 credits)
An introduction to major doctrines of the Christian faith. Discussions on the doctrines of revelation, God, man, sin, and salvation will emphasize the foundational nature biblical truth plays in the life of the believer, including explanations of how each doctrine affects us in our daily lives as Christians, and especially as those called to live a radical life as front line soldiers in the Jesus revolution.

BT104 The Book of Jeremiah (1 credit)
An in-depth study of the book of Jeremiah, with special attention given to the prophetic calling and experience.

BT105 Jewish Roots (1 credit)
A course examining God’s eternal purposes for Israel, anti-Semitism in the historic and contemporary Church, and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

BT111 Introduction to Apologetics (1 credit)
A general introduction to apologetics. Students will be both strengthened in their faith, and better equipped to answer various questions they may encounter in ministry. Topics will include the reliability of scripture, evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, Jewish apologetics, creation and evolution, and the problems of evil and suffering.

BT201 Survey of Church History (1 credit)
Church history is the heart of His story, God’s kingdom work on earth. This course explores the development of the Christian church from Pentecost to the present day. It covers key people and events that God used throughout history to bolster His Church and also those negative influences that infected her.

BT202 Biblical Exegesis (2 credits)
Biblical Exegesis or Hermeneutics: The course teaches students the steps in the exegetical process, including prin-ciples of biblical exegesis and the use of lexicons, concordances, and standard tools and reference books. Knowledge of the biblical languages is not necessary.

BT205 Acts (2 credits)
The class will work through the book of Acts, highlighting key themes and biographical characters. Emphasis will be on the character and behavior of the emerging church as it is described in Acts. Students will learn what first century church life was like and be encouraged to repeat the faith, power, and community life of the church of Acts.

BT206 Exposition of Romans (2 credits)
A comprehensive study of the entire book of Romans to determine the overall teaching and major themes of the book and their current application to believers both corporately and individually. Exegetical skills covered in Biblical Exegesis, will be taught in greater depth as students develop hermeneutical skills that shape interpretation.

BT207 Studies in First Corinthians (1 credit)
A dynamic exposition of 1 Corinthians exploring a local church’s identity in its city from the perspective of an apostle. We will examine the Body of Christ as: God’s holy habitation, the present expression of His coming Kingdom, a people belonging to the future, and living witnesses to the crucified and risen Jesus.

BT223 Ephesians (1 credit)
This course will focus on the epistle of Paul (The Apostle) to the Ephesians and the supernatural message to the Church therein contained. Over the next several weeks we will exegete this writing in its original time of delivery and context, as well as explore how and why it still speaks loudly and authoritatively to this day and Church age.

LEA 101 Leadership I (1 credit)
•God call to lead •The heart of a leader •Vision •Priorities and decision-making •Cultivating people skills •Strategic planning

LEA 102 Leadership II (1 credit)
•The leadership test •Identity •Delegating and developing people •Team leadership •Mentoring •Measuring your leadership growth.

LEA 201 Leadership III (1 credit)
•Attitude •Leader’s inner circle •Christ the great communicator •Leading in tough times •Five levels of leadership •Servant leadership

LEA 202 Leadership IV (1 credit)
•How leaders pray •Discovering your spiritual gifts •Characteristic of a Giant killer •Stewardship •Leading different personalities

LEA 203 Church Administration and Leadership (3 credits)
A course designed to develop leadership potential in students and to give them a familiarity with the various elements of the administrative process, including: goal setting and achieving, organization, delegation, human relations, group dynamics, supervision and the training of other leaders. Though the principles are universal, the focus of the course is the local church.

CF101 Foundations for Intimacy with God (1 credit)
This class is designed to bring you into the reality of a lifetime journey of seeking and experiencing God’s love, beauty, nature, and presence. This will be accomplished not only by informing you about God through teaching Scriptural principles, but by teaching you how to experience God and make intimacy with Him the foundation of your life.

CF102 Restoring the Soul (2 credits)
This is an opportunity to experience the integrated approach to inner healing and deliverance. In this class we will take a look at how the Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses affect our lives as well as breaking those curses. We will also deal with Ungodly Beliefs, which are lies of the enemy by which we live our lives. After that the Holy Spirit will deal with past hurts, which we call Soul/Spirit hurts and finally, we will deal with Demonic Oppression.

CF105 FIRE Groups (1 credit)
Fire Groups are geared to provide an atmosphere of deliberate mentoring. The pastoral needs, oversight and care of each student will be facilitated in the FIRE group setting.

CF107 Stewardship and Life Skills (1 credit)
This course is an introduction to biblical stewardship, especially as it relates to managing one’s time and finances. Topics will include budgeting, giving, time management, work ethic, and prioritizing.

CF108 Principles of Holiness (1 credit)
The Scriptures teach that without holiness, no one will see the Lord. This course provides an in-depth biblical understanding of the nature of holiness, offering practical helps to holiness, as well as guidelines for avoiding legalism and walking in grace.

CF110 Prayer and Intercession (1 credit)
This course will focus on the absolute necessity of prayer and intercession in the life of the believer, as well as in the corporate life of the Church of Jesus Christ. We will look at various dynamics that that are associated with a life lived in intimacy with the Lord through prayer, as well as discover the power and supernatural burden that comes through divine intercession

CF112 Chapel (1 credit)
A time for the entire school to meet together to worship the Lord, and hear messages from the faculty, staff, and guest speakers.

CF201 Relationships and Communication (1 credit)
This course will teach students how to build godly relationships by learning how men and women communicate. Both married and single students will benefit by learning the different degrees or levels of communication. This class will cover marriage expectations, what makes a marriage work, personality differences, how to work and play well together, the root causes of anger, and the key to resolving interpersonal conflicts, whether single or married.

CF202 New Testament Life: Hebrews (1 credit)
This course is a discussion-styled, Spirit-filled exposition of the speech-letter to the Hebrews. We will discuss the epistle’s meaning in its original context and how that applies to us today.

MS102 Divine Healing (1 credit)
A comprehensive study of the biblical motif of God the Healer, discussing Old Testament foundations, New Testament fulfillment, and the practical outworking of healing today.

MS103 Lifestyle Evangelism (1 credit)
Students are taught that when you are a Christian, the world should know it. Students learn to develop their own natural evangelism style and how to build spiritually strategic relationships with those outside of the church.

MS201 The Baptism and Gifts of the Spirit (2 credits)
A systematic study of the purpose and place of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary Church, describing in detail the Spirit’s various manifestations and gifts.

MS203 Research and Writing (1 credit)
A course in training students in how to proclaim the gospel and influence their culture through the written word. In addition to basic grammar and syntax, students will learn how to write more effectively, whether for a term paper or for literature for the Jesus Revolution.

MS210 World Religions (2 credits)
World Religions or Cults and Comparative Religions: An eye-opening look at the make-up and beliefs of cults in Africa as well as major world religions. This course will equip believers to confront others with the truth of the Christian faith.

MS211 Shepherding God’s Flock (1 credit)
A course focusing on the importance of having the heart of a shepherd as expressed in the Word of God. Topics covered will include: characteristics and qualities of a shepherd’s heart, the shepherding qualities of Jesus, and the unique calling of a shepherd.

MS220 Principles of Biblical Counseling (2 credits)
This course is designed to teach the basic principles of counseling such as the purpose of counseling, the goals of counseling, confidentiality and how to con-duct a session. We will also examine specific counseling issues and focus on inner healing and deliverance.

MS222 Preaching and Public Speaking (1 credit)
This course will teach the basics of public speaking, explore the uniqueness of preaching, and explain how to prepare and deliver an anointed, powerful sermon.

MS225 Missionary Principles and Practices (1 credit)
A study of Scripture related to the purposes, nature, scope and challenge of world missions. This course is designed to enrich the student’s understanding of why, what, where, who and how missionaries carry out their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

MS226 Missionary Life (1 credit)
This course is designed to give the serious missions student a look at the call to foreign missions, while imparting information as to where the greatest needs are in today’s world. Practical instruction will be offered regarding fundraising, creating newsletters, and adjusting to culture shock in family relationships and in spiritual life. Other topics include financial management, health care, attitudes toward the sending agency and pastoral care.

MS227 Children’s Ministry (1 credit)
This hands-on course provides practical instruction on effective ministry to children, emphasizing the importance of each child’s personal relationship with Jesus.

CW108 Apostolic Church (1 credit)
What is the Church? What is God’s intended identity for His people according to the New Testament? How can we recover this identity from the many layers of human traditions and denominational fads? This course seeks to examine and answer these questions through Scripture and a prophetic understanding of the present season.

CW114 The Jesus Revolution  (1 credit)
Subjects covered in this course include: Jesus the Revolutionary, Revolution in the Church, Principles of Revolution, God’s Counterculture Revolution, Strategies for the Jesus Revolution, The Role of Music and Arts in the Revolution, and Knowing the Times and Seasons.

CW115 World Missions (1 credit)
A practical and theological study of the believer’s calling to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus, including a historical overview of missions and an analysis of contemporary need.

CW201 Revival History and Characteristics (1 credit)
An overview of the subject of revival, beginning with revival in the Scriptures and continuing through Church history, emphasizing the major characteristics of spiritual revival and awakening

MW101 & 102 Applied Music Theory I, II (2 credits each)
Applied Music Theory is a practical, foundational course in music. Topics include basics of music theory and applications for future worship leaders.

MW103 Principles of Praise and Worship (2 credits)
A course examining the biblical foundation for praise and worship, including both major historical developments and renewal trends in the contemporary, Spirit-filled Church. This course will also examine the importance of praise and worship in one’s personal life.

MW105 Worship Leader Development (2 credits)
Worship Leader Development is a course designed by experienced worship leaders for the up and coming worship leader. Together, we will be examining what worship truly is, the importance of understanding the Psalms, principles of songwriting, creative insight and practical worship leading.

MW120-124 Vocal/Private Instrument Instruction (1 credit each)
Group and/or semi-private vocal instruction or private instrument instruction in keyboard, guitar, drums, or bass.

MS501 Practicum: Missions Trip (1 credit)
Credit hours may be earned through participation in an official FIRE School of Ministry mission trip. Five days of a trip is equal to one credit hour. The length of each trip is determined by the dates listed in the brochure issued by the Missions Department.

MS502 Practicum: Evangelism (1 credit)
A ministry practicum involving outreach in a variety of outreach settings. Locations could include street evangelism, university campus ministry, prison ministry, and other outreach opportunities.

MS503 Practicum: House of Prayer (1 credit)
A ministry practicum involving participation in the House of Prayer.

MS504 Practicum: Worship (1 credit)
A ministry practicum involving participation in the area of worship. Students will have opportunity to minister in the weekly FBI chapel service, during our outreach trips, and at various special events and services.

MS505 Practicum: Fuel Team (1 credit)
A ministry practicum involving participation in the FBI Fuel Team, which is a student government that serves the school in various behind the scenes ways, primarily administratively.