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The School of Advanced Leadership Training – SALT is an exclusive Leadership program designed for pastors and leaders to improve their ministry. This will help busy pastors who desire to improve but do not have the time to go to school. It will give you strategies to sharpen your character and give you the theological, Biblical, and practical knowledge to improve your ministry. This executive program will help pastors and leaders get ready for the next level of ministry and leadership.

Who this is for:

  • Pastors or leaders who want to take their organization to the next level.
  • Not everyone. [Applicants will be screened. The number of students will be limited.
  • Leaders in a season or at a crossroads who need customized, focused, up close and personal attention. [Sometimes, instead of a conference, you need a controlled, safe forum to be blunt about the challenges you face and get frank, encouraging insight in return.]
  • Leaders who are highly committed to strategic, interactive, out-of-the-box learning opportunities and are willing to invest the time, energy and money for the journey.
  • Leaders who may be feeling the need for an additional degree or college training who would rather invest that money in a practical, hands-on experience with others wired just like you.


The SALT Executive program is unique in the opportunities it affords students. The format is convenient, allowing you to complete most coursework online with quarterly gatherings for course sessions on our main campus and other locations.

You will be offered an Advanced Certificate in Ministry that will include: intensive study of strategic leadership, church growth business cases, strategic planning, the key organizational leadership elements of ethics, motivation, creativity, vision & vision casting, strategic planning, organizational development, financial management, technology, social media strategies and other topics.

Each SALT course typically consists of audio or video lectures with PowerPoint, online discussions, readings, written assignments, and extensive learning resources.

We partner with well-known Universities, Leadership Institutes, Bible Colleges with great leaders and professors to provide the Advanced Leadership Training.