Healing Team

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May 6, 2014
Missions Conference USA
May 8, 2014

At FIRE student are encourage to join a practical ministry team. One of such team is the healing team.

The responsibility of the healing team is to go on outreaches and pray for those who are sick. We visit hospitals and also go out on the streets to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ accompany with signs and wonders. This is an opportunity for students do the works of Jesus and leave out the kingdom values. The Healing Team is a ministry that is pursuing the Holy Spirit and his healing power. We are creating a place for him to bring life, wholeness and love to those who are suffering from physical ailments. Our mission is to release God’s healing and miracle-making power into the lives of His sons and daughters. We are conduits of his Spirit flowing through us into our brothers and sisters in need. We do this by praying for the sick and injured on a regular basis.



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